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"Tips on handling raw meat"

Guidelines on handling raw meat. Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds before, during and after handling raw meatUse two separate cutting boards to avoid cross-contaminationUse one for raw meats and the other for fruits and vegetablesColor-coded cutting boards can help you remember which is whichDefrost meats in the refrigerator or in the microwave by using the defrost setting--never on the counterCook meat [...]

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"Guideline of Cooking Temperatures and Cuts of Meats"

A great guideline on the different cuts of meat from Beef, Chicken, Pork and Fish.Great tips on how internal temperatures of meats should be cooked to perfection each and every time.Tips for cooking temperatures on an oven range. As always we want you to cook like the stars so we hope these guidelines will help you [...]

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"Benefits of Spices"

"Spice up your life and promote your health at the same time" ~ Everyone loves a little spice now and then in their meals. Not only does it excite your taste buds, but also makes food more enjoyable. But no one really thinks about all the great benefits that these spices/herbs can have on the human [...]

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"Cooking Terms at a glance"

Unfamiliar with popular terms and techniques? Take a look at our comprehensive A-Z guide to cooking.AL DENTE: Italian term used to describe pasta that is cooked until it offers a slight resistance when bitten into, rather than cooked until soft.BAKE: To cook by dry heat, usually in the oven.BASTE: To moisten foods [...]

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"Grilling Tips and Techniques"

Grilling Tips and Techniques  Try these tips to ensure a great meal every time. ~ Make sure to check internal temperature of the meats to ensure a perfectly cooked dish every time. Check out our internal cooking temperature guidelines: Internal Cooking Temperatures Guidelines~ Keep food from sticking by rubbing grill with vegetable oil or non-stick cooking spray.~ [...]

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Recipe for "Creamy Cheesy Potato Soup"

Our Award Winning"Creamy Cheesy Potato Soup"We made our Chef inspired Creamy Cheesy Potato soup in a Soup/Chili cook-off and won 1st place against Chefs from neighboring restaurants. This soup was such a crowd pleaser that we couldn't keep up with the orders. This soup is so rich and hearty to serve on any night. Plus [...]

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Recipe for "Festive Pumpkin Soup"

~ This holiday season warm up with our "Pumpkin soup". It is the most yummiest, creamiest soup ever. You can cook like a star with this great and easy step-by-step recipe. The kit includes all dry ingredients and recipe card, No guess work. Recipe #174 (Slow Cook Pumpkin Soup)Recipe Card Need - (3/4) Medium sized chopped butternut [...]

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"Benefits of Tea"

"Benefits of Tea"The benefits of Tea can have amazing results within your body. Did you know that a variety of teas can help with ailments? Studies found that some teas may help with cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It can also encourage weight loss, lower your cholesterol and bring mental alertness. Tea also appears to [...]

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